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In March 2015, at the National and International Conference of the American Counseling Asssociation, a concensus was reached to establish the professional Neurocounseling Interest Network.


Historically, interest networks in the counseling profession have served as a tool to foster not only professional interest in a given topic, but also to expand the knowledge base of that same topic. As a result, specialties in the counseling profession have emerged, and in some instances these presences have evolved into divisions of the ACA.


We argue that neurocounseling is indeed an emerging discipline. Its practice is based on the neurobological substrates of behavior and all human conduct. It enables individuals from many disciplines to come together and help others engage in neuroplasticity. 

In this historical time of techonolgical prominence we are closer than ever to understand how the brain interacts with the mind. And Neurocounseling will preserve the benefits from this unicity.


Our interest in multidisciplinary dialogue will also expand the knowledge base of this emerging discipline.

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