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It is evolutionary for humans to form communities. And this online community is no different. Our community includes scholars, researchers, professors, students, practitioners, and anyone with the interest to learn about Neurocounseling. To this end, a list serv is forthcoming. The NIN List Serv will include the individuals who have manifested interest in this Neorucounseling Interest Network at its constituent meeting during the National and International Conference of the American Counseling Association, May 2015.



Members of the Neurocounseling Interest Network will have access to peer reviewed publications and other media outlets in this website. A user name and a password will be required to access these resources.



Members of the Neurocounseling Interest Network will participate in a yearly symposium.


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Members of the NIN will have pasword protected access to webinars addressing topics in Neurocounseling. Members of NIN will also engage in webinars to discuss neurocounseling and germane areas of research and practice.

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